April 22, 2019
When one looks closely at the online reviews of Net-Tell LLC, Will find a very high level of customer satisfaction. The reviews show that it is clear that customers believe the company offers superior home telephone service. In fact, most think it is better than other home phone companies, even though they are able to provide such quality at a price so low, the local telephone utility probably can’t match or beat it.

Net-Tell LLC has been able provide this high level of service for years by employing advanced technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is nerd-speak for routing calls over the Internet, instead of using very expensive copper wire. This slight difference enables Net-Tell LLC to save customers a lot of money every month compared to their local phone company, without losing any call quality. They also offer all-the-calls-you-want monthly phone plans, which means you can call anyone in the United States as often as you want at a flat rate with no long distance charges. It’s just like your cell phone, without the data charges.
October 19, 2018
There is no doubt that Net-Tell LLC phone service save its customers a lot of money over traditional home phone company service and the rates that entails. Net-Tell LLC may be the best phone service anywhere. You won’t be alone; most of their customers decide soon after they sign up that this is the best phone service they have ever had. There is no difference in call quality when using Net-Tell LLC, except that it might even be better. You use the same phone you always did and you dial numbers the same as you did before.

Even though they save a ton of money, most of their customers report getting the best phone service ever. One way they save customers money is because they are a pioneer in the use of VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, technology to route calls over the Internet. That saves them a lot, and they happily pass on those savings to the people who trust them for home phone service.
March 17, 2018
For those phone customers with broadband Internet, there will be no noticeable difference in call quality when making a call using Net-Tell LLC as their home telephone service. As a matter of fact, once it is set up, it will work the same as service from your local phone company. In fact, it may even work better. In the worst-case, those whom Net-Tell customers call won’t notice a difference until the bill comes.

That is because Net-Tell LLC uses VoIP technology, which means using a broadband connection to route calls, instead of expensive and difficult to maintain hardwired phone lines. They save a lot, which means their home phone customers also save, as much as hundreds of dollars a year, when compared to typical local phone company charges. Besides unlimited U.S. calling with no long distance charges, Net-Tell LLC phone plans also feature low rates on international calls and many high-tech free features many phone companies often charge fees to provide, such as three-way calling, conference calling and anonymous call blocking, and many others.
December 20, 2017
The first thing most Net-Tell LLC customers notice when they set up and start using the company’s home telephone service is that nothing has changed, really. It strikes them that everything works exactly as it did when they were paying the local phone company. Well, that is exactly how Net-Tell LLC wants their customers to feel after they sign up. They want to save each customer hundreds of dollars every year without feeling a drop in call quality or the quality of the service.

As far as Net-Tell LLC executives are concerned, if their service isn’t at least as good as they get elsewhere, the customer isn’t very likely to stick around for the lang haul. That is why they designed the service knowing that every customer will want to use the same phone they’ve used for many years, to call the same friends, family members, clients and customers they have always called. Net-Tell LLC hopes their customers forget they even switched phone companies until the far smaller bill comes, with no surprises.
August 25, 2017
If you have been using a landline for your communication needs, it is time to look at digital resources for your phone calls, facsimile, video conferencing and any other communication needs you have. A digital process that is becoming ever popular is that of VOIP services. VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol services are technologies that are designed to eliminate your phone line and instead set up your communications via the internet. Nett-Tell LLC is a company that provides just these types of services.

In the early days of VOIP, companies would provide a way for people to connect from VOIP to VOIP. Meaning, you could call someone else that was also utilizing their internet instead of a phone line, but you could not connect your digital connection to a phone connection. Thankfully, this technology, VOIP, has advanced. Now, not only can you connect from your VOIP service to a traditional line, you can do so utilizing the same process you always have for your telephone communications.

Nett-Tell LLC offers their VOIP for free. You can even get many of your favorite features that would come with your landline for free with your VOIP services from Nett-Tell LLC. Services such as call waiting, call forwarding and more all come standard with Nett-Tell LLC’s free package. Move into digital phone services with Nett-Tell LLC and eliminate your phone bill all together.
May 25, 2017
The advanced technology surrounding VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has revolutionized home phone service in recent years. For the most part, it is because it makes it possible for any phone company to offer excellent phone service with a large number extra features at a really great price. It is easy to set up and it works just like regular phone service, except that it uses the Internet to route calls, which saves a lot of money. That is why Net-tell LLC customers save hundreds of dollars per year and it is also why the company has become a leader in the area of home phone service. VoIP calling uses your existing router to make calls, so the call quality will be excellent and everything will work the same as always. You will use the same landline phone you have always used and dial numbers the same as always. The people you call will not notice the difference.

Net-Tell phone plans work exactly the same as service with your local phone company, but they charge less or everything and they include a whole lot of free services that many other local phone companies charge extra to receive, if they’re available at all. For example, it’s possible to block international calls altogether, in order to prevent surprises. Every plan includes Caller ID, conference calling, three-way calling and many more. You get so many incredible features free, you may consider Net-Tell LLC as the best home phone service you have ever used.