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Digital Phone Services from Nett-Tell LLC

August 25, 2017

If you have been using a landline for your communication needs, it is time to look at digital resources for your phone calls, facsimile, video conferencing and any other communication needs you have. A digital process that is becoming ever popular is that of VOIP services. VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol services are technologies that are designed to eliminate your phone line and instead set up your communications via the internet. Nett-Tell LLC is a company that provides just these types of services.

In the early days of VOIP, companies would provide a way for people to connect from VOIP to VOIP. Meaning, you could call someone else that was also utilizing their internet instead of a phone line, but you could not connect your digital connection to a phone connection. Thankfully, this technology, VOIP, has advanced. Now, not only can you connect from your VOIP service to a traditional line, you can do so utilizing the same process you always have for your telephone communications.

Nett-Tell LLC offers their VOIP for free. You can even get many of your favorite features that would come with your landline for free with your VOIP services from Nett-Tell LLC. Services such as call waiting, call forwarding and more all come standard with Nett-Tell LLC’s free package. Move into digital phone services with Nett-Tell LLC and eliminate your phone bill all together.